Walking on Gold; The land became her income

newstory1Bricks in thousands. Through the Children’s Mission’s entrepreneurship program in Bulanga, Uganda, Betty Mwere learned to see opportunities in the resources she had. Today, she can earn a living for herself and her family on the clay available on the piece of land they own.
When Betty Mwere had the opportunity to participate in Children’s Mission entrepreneurship skills training, she had several children to provide for on her own, but no income. During her time in the training facilitated by Centre for Evangelism (CFE), a Childrens’s Mission in Uganda, she got help to realise that she could begin to be self-supporting with the clays she found on he own land – which was well suited to manufacture building bricks.
This new found business extended employment to 3 people who supported her to hack loose clay, make them and eventually sell. She reckons that it was hard work but with he raw materials readily, her business became profitable within no time. She now produces over 1000 bricks a day.
These has transformed Betty and her families lives completely. Today, she is able to comfortably support her children to regularly attend school. At the same time, she has improved the lives of the families of the men she had employed in her business. Betty has also been a great asset in the community she lives in though continuously mentoring her neighbours in business startups and operations improvement.
At Children’s Mission and Children’s Mission Africa (CMA), we are moved by the lives of families transformed because of the support we continue to receive.  You could also consider being a partners today towards a journey that can ensure families here in Africa can live lives in dignity.