My dreams are now valid – thank you Children’s Mission!

MarbleMarble Magezi now 8yrs of age dreams of becoming a nurse one day. She shares this with everyone who cares to ask her of her dreams and her face lights up when she speaks about it. Now in the 4th year of her primary schooling otherwise know as P4 in her home country of Uganda, she studies hard and her parents are committed to supporting her. Unfortunately with 4 other siblings right from the University to P4, this has not been an easy load for Mr & Mrs Stephen Magezi.

 However in 2014, they started a life changing journey when the dad received 3 piglets from the Centre for Evangelism, a partner of Children’s Mission. This was after her parents had attended an entrepreneurship skills training in Bulunga Centre and expressed their interest in pig faming. Their choice of the animal was informed by the minimal work needed to tender them and the consistent income grained from selling the animals. The entire family helps out in the farm especially over the weekends and Marble prides herself in having one specific animal that she calls her own. She wakes up early Saturday morning to go clean and feed it before doing anything else. The mum, a teachers, is responsible for book keeping in the farm and is able to determine which animal to be sold when a family emergency crops up. 
When we visited the farm in June 2016, the sty had grown to now having 8 pigs with 2 expecting a total of 22piglets in a few weeks. The sty had been modifies to control odour and wastage with automated watering points.
At Children’s Mission (CM) and Children’s Mission Africa (CMA), we are moved by the lives of families transformed because of the support we continue to receive.  You could also consider being a partners today towards a journey that can ensure families here in Africa can live lives in dignity.