My Animals have Payed School Fees for My Children

In 2012, they received 2 goats from Children's Mission through our partner in Uganda, Center for Evangelism (CFE). They since then have recorded over 40 Goat in their stock. In the course of time, they sold them to take care of family needs including school fees for their children and at some point bought a cow from the profits. As we speak, the have 15 animals.

They together have 2 children, Daniel Opiyo, 23yrs doing Tourism Management and Enock Okello, 17yrs in Senior 6 in High School. They both take care of the animals while on holiday

The dad shared that while Daniels joined his 2nd Year in the university, they received a huge fee structure. To take care of this costs, they sold 3big goats at UGX. 0.7M and these took care of all the cost. He shared that in the past they had to take bank loans to pay school fees which made them suffered a lot.

 Prior to receiving the animals, Susan and John received training from the Center for Evangelism (CFE) on business management, record keeping and animal husbandry.

Susan shares that "these goat project has really helped me and my family, they keep me busy because I do not have formal employment. I love these goats very much, whenever they are sick, I lay my hands on them and pray for them"

Their goats each give birth to 3kids at a time – twice a year; something not common in the area. Susan attributes this to how they feed and take good care of them.