Against all Odds, Story of Mildred Adhiambo by Economics Projects Transormational Facility (EPTF) in Kenya

story5-august-2017Ms. Mildred Adhiambo has gone to all odds to be a success to reckon with. Energetic, charismatic, independent and resilient are all words that describe the 23 year old lady from Uasin Gishu County in Kenya. Growing up as an orphan, a close relative took her in and supported her through her teenage years.

 Life drastically changed when she was involved in an accident that caused partial disability of her left leg. However, Ms. Mildred didn’t let the mishap deter her from being independent. She was trained by the Economic Transformational Facility (EPTF) on Entrepreneurship in November 2016 and expanded her business which had just begun 4 months prior to training.
She attributes the EPTF Training modules of Entrepreneurship concept, Creativity & Idea Development, Business Plan Development, Marketing & Selling and Business Record keeping to the expansion of her business.
Before the training, Ms. Mildred only cooked and served fries to her customers’ on the road side. She was well known in the area for her scrumptious fries that attracted customers from all walks of life. Her business generated monthly sales of Ksh. 6,000 which after the deductions of her expenses in purchase of the cooking materials and packaging, her monthly profits amounted to Ksh. 3,000.
After the training program, she has decided to expand her business facilitated by the savings from her business. She now has been able to put up a vegetable kiosk and an outdoor fast food parlor where her customers would comfortably sit and have their meal. With the expansion of her business, she has been able to employ her sister to assist her which has strengthen the bond of her family and also provided a livelihood for her siblings.
The expansion of her business has doubled her sales. She now generates monthly sales of Ksh.15, 000 which after the deductions, banks Ksh.7, 500 as monthly profit.
“The only way I’m moving is up, nothing is putting me down. I wouldn’t be a sad story but a success story. Through the EPTF training, I got the courage to expand my business and now life is good.”- Ms. Mildred says.