Working with organised groups to impact vulnerable families, from FMP in Ivory Cost

Socasamy Cooperative was formally establishes in February of 2017 in rural Ivory Coast. With a membership of over 500, these farmers choose to come together so that they can  to benefit from the power of numbers. They are able to donate their neighbouring farms to the cooperative and through the joint farming, they benefit from economies of scale for  purchases and produce sales. Their focus has mainly been crop and livestock farming. They however have exercised challenges keeping their group together and being successful in their business enterprise. The group President, Mme M Bahia Patricia describes them connecting with Fonds Pour Les Micro-Projets (FMP) as a God driven partnership. 


A member of Socasamy Cooperative working on their farm with her baby on her back

Fonds Pour Les Micro-Projets (FMP) is an NGO founded by the Navigators in  Cote d’Ivoire to enhance enterprise development through training of women and youth. Their  training for the leadership of Socasamy Cooperative focused of enterprise development and group dynamics for success.  The chairlady of the cooperatives shares that they have been really struggled to work together and make money. After the 3 months training thou she had this to say "When we started, it was not clear what role everyone was playing but now FMP has given us clear direction on how we can organise ourselves and also how we can better increase our business margins. They have shared with us very practical ways we can market our products” "After the training by FMP, the members seem to have more confidence in the cooperation” the cooperative's Director of finance and Commutation R. Attougmre Constant added.


A member of Socasamy Cooperative working on their Pepper farm

As a self funded cooperative, the government expect them to receive some training before they can officially be certified to operate in their context. The training by FMP has hence been instrumental to their continuity. Now that they have been trained, FMP will issues them with a certificate and with this, the mayor has promised to consider the group for possible financial support. The leadership also plan to take the training further down to the  cooperative members in the villages. They work together because they understand that if you want to go far you have to walk with others
Mr. Cisse Bachirou, a cooperative member in charge of the Chicken and Goat Project shared that “In the past we have lost a lot of animals because of bad weather and diseases but after the training with FMP we know hoe best to manage the animals. We have also started conversations of how they can link us to markets in other parts of Ivory Coast”. The members of the cooperatives and their families all benefit from the profit they make in their animal and crop farming project and now live better lives.


Officials of the Socasamy Cooperative (from left to right): President – Mme M Bahia Patricia, Director of finance and Commutation – M ATTOUMGRE Constant, Member in charge of the Chicken Program – CISSE Bachirou