Increasing Capacity to facilitate greater impact in the community from Full Life Empowerment Program in Nigeria

One of the most effective ways of changing the mindset of the vulnerable people in our society from offering financial aid with what they need rather than helping them with resources to create what they need is by creating organizations within the community that are sources of these resources. The organizations should be channels through which people look at themselves as empowered to meet their self-felt needs. This is one of the key reasons why Children Mission Africa (CMA) was established. CMA is committed to improving the capacity of our partners within Africa through the financial aid of our founding donors Children Mission Sweden.

In our previous field visit in Nigeria, our team was consulted for the creation and development of the organization that will impact more lives of the people within Northern Nigeria. Full Life Empowerment Program (FLEP) is the name of the organization in charge of the different programs within the region. The organization is a Non-Governmental Organization that will run the three major projects within the region. The main focus of this NGO is to eradicate poverty and unemployment within the community. These projects’ main purposes are to increase the capacity holistically of the people involved in the long run so that they are independent. These projects are mentioned below.

Beehive Project
Chicken Project
Goats Project
These projects target widows and young people within the region. This is because they are exposed to various challenges in their lives that leave them vulnerable. The Beehive Project is managed by Peter Ter. This project began in 2015. Previously, the enterprise arm of Naivigators Nigeria, managed the project, this has however changed. Navigators Nigeria through the support of CMA went ahead and registered an NGO-Full Life Empowerment Program, as the development arm of Navigators Nigeria and will henceforth lead in the development work of Navigators Nigeria. The NGO has a board and appointed a CEO to help in setting up systems and structures.

During CMA’s first visit, the board was trained on project management, strategic planning, and Leadership & Governance to enable them to achieve their vision as an NGO. During the visit, both the CMA and FLEP team undertook field visits to the beehive project in Benue state and the goat project in Tafawa Balewa. Peter Ter guided our team during the beehive project field visit. The project basically gives freely an un-colonized beehive to women and offers set-up services and management. The women in turn provide space to hang the beehives and provide security against vandalism. . After every harvest the women are paid for their efforts by the project.

 “Young people have learned how to harvest the honey through this project,” explains Peter Ter “This made them encourage their young wives to join the beekeeping project." He affirms.

The project whose most beneficiaries are widows have regular meetings for both spiritual and economic growth. The group has created a Village Loan Society group, which is managed by Charity Ter, for its members to become sustainable economically. This promotes a life of dignity for them and their families. The credit they access mostly goes toward paying for their children’s education and starting or expanding their small businesses.