Turning pain into passion, from ABC Schools in Uganda

Pain is often the least face of inspiration. Mostly when human beings suffer pain, it is in their nature to feel self-pity and depressed. This is because pain is a bulky emotion that breaks us down. Unfortunately. Or Fortunately. Pain is the best test of growth. People grow holistically through pain. Pain shapes the world view of a person and increases their capacity to handle different life issues. Namulinda Evelyn was the first beneficiary of the ABC Schools sponsorship in Uganda. This was her inspiration when she joined campus. She chose to pursue social work. She was driven by the aid she received to pursue a course that will help her give back to the community. “I asked if there was a course I could study in line with giving back to the society and I was advised on social work.” She remembers vividly. “I was consistently asked the registra to switch the courses for me as it was not possible then. Luckily, my determination bore fruits.” She narrates in fulfillment. Apparently, she works with ABC Schools in Uganda where she feels proud about her life and what she has achieved. The spark and joy in Evelyn’s life would not be possible if her mother did not meet with Trudy Odida the founder of ABC Schools Uganda. After the demise of her husband, she realized she was HIV positive. This made her feel vulnerable and helpless. So, she decided to separate the three siblings and sent them to live with relatives. One day at church she met with someone who restored dignity into her life and she was able to see her children grow into who they are today. Trudy was a good Samaritan to Evelyn’s family. She was touched by widows who were HIV positive and she offered her life to impact them. Since she lived in the neighborhood, she read stories to their children. She took Evelyn to ABC Schools and sponsored her education to university level. She also changed the life of Evelyne’s mother because she now owns land and a house for her family. Now, their mother can pay fees for the remaining children and give them dignified lives. Evidently when in life we invest seeds of hope in one hopeless soul. It bears the fruits of restoration to a destiny and a whole generation in the long term.