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Parents are strategic helpers to their children

January 29, 2018

Mostly children who have parents are shielded against many challenges in life. Parents who are strategic become the strongest pillars in the lives of their children. Elisabeth Sawadogo understands how strategic she is in her children’s lives. Elisabeth is a mother of six.  In 2016, she suffered poverty since she never had a channel of […]

The worry and the dream

January 22, 2018

Our partners from Burkina Faso Ecole Pour Micro-Projects d’Entreprise (EMPE) have been instrumental to change the worry of Maimouna Kiemda into the dream she thought she would never achieve in her life. Kiemda had always dreamt of being an advocate. She was confident since she was a child she would achieve success in life with […]

Any age is an ideal time to do something new

January 15, 2018

Any age is an ideal time to learn something new. Hein Theodore is a living example that any time is perfect to learn a new thing and use that knowledge to change one’s life. Hein, was born and lives in Burkina Faso and after 35 years of service in their army, he retired about 2 […]


January 10, 2018

Children's Mission Africa (CMA) is an Independent Christian Trust registered in Kenya. Children’s Mission Africa envisions Africa as ‘The continent where families live a life in dignity’ and it intends to do this by transforming communities to live holistic lives. CMA does this by providing technical support to the 19 programs across 11 counties in […]

Evaluation that inspires exquisite execution

January 8, 2018

The evaluation we carry out during fieldwork enables us to point out some of the gaps a particular project inherently possesses at the execution stage. These gaps are some of the areas we seek to improve the capacity of our partners. Consequently, our partners are able to achieve more and impact many lives in the […]