Evaluation that inspires exquisite execution

The evaluation we carry out during fieldwork enables us to point out some of the gaps a particular project inherently possesses at the execution stage. These gaps are some of the areas we seek to improve the capacity of our partners. Consequently, our partners are able to achieve more and impact many lives in the society. Our debrief meeting after the field visits with I Choose Life Africa (ICL) was a platform for discussion of the various gaps that the team needs to meet to achieve the greatest results possible. “The SEAL (Sexual Reproductive Health, Economic Empowerment, Academic and Career Mentorship and Leadership and Governance) project is the heart of the program. The logic of the SEAL project should be clear to all beneficiaries so that it impacts their lives at the ground level,” remarks Kelvin Kadiri, the Capacity Development Manager of CMA, during the meeting. “The logic will facilitate the linking of all objectives of the project which will make the project successful.” He concludes. “This feedbacks is helpful for us as a team to reflect on and what we can do better so that we can horn the all the objective,” Mike Mutungi, the Chief Executive Officer at ICL, says thoughtfully. “This meeting has helped me understand the need for involving eminent people in the board we have put in place so that delivery is a ultimate goal.” He remarks. “Linking of the key pillars of the SEAL project increases the muscle to develop a value chain for the young people which will create the sustainability of the project in the long run.” He says in a convinced manner. We believe in partnerships that are symbiotic. This kind of evaluation breeds relationships that equally benefit our partners and our organization. We seek to build these organizations to increase impact while we develop in continuously encouraging any form of support from our prospective and existing donors. Lets join hands in the journey of creating a continent where people live in dignity.