Any age is an ideal time to do something new

Any age is an ideal time to learn something new. Hein Theodore is a living example that any time is perfect to learn a new thing and use that knowledge to change one’s life. Hein, was born and lives in Burkina Faso and after 35 years of service in their army, he retired about 2 years ago. This however did not keep him from getting out of the norm and learning something new to facilitate his transition in life. His interest in farming motivated him to seek for knowledge and skills that would enable him become a better farmer. Fortunately, he heard of the training implemented by Ecole Pour Micro-projects d’Entreprise (EMPE), our partners in Burkina Faso. The funding from Children’s Mission Sweden enables the trainings.

“In the training we were trained on how to rear animals and construct conducive structures for the chicken and other animals.” Hein attest. “This knowledge helped me because I had constructed an inefficient structure and from what I learnt, I had to redo the entire structure that will meet the standards,” he discloses happily.
“I was challenged and encouraged to become trustworthy in my business since the trainers also nourished us spiritually by showing us the need of being ethical and transparent while engaging in entrepreneurship,” he says in conviction. 

In 2017, Hein started with 52 chickens and in under 3 month, he had 84. He has also embraced diversity as he now rears other types of birds such as turkey and doves. These birds are a great delicacy in his community. He targets to sell all the chicken during the festive season as the demand will generally be high. 
“ I am currently identifying potential market as I have already sold 19 chickens,” he notes in pride. “My vision is to see this business grow into either a restaurant or butchery whereby I can add value to the meat and make larger profits,” he says hopefully. Additionally, Hein has Goats, sheep and a fish pond in his farm.

“I have had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was selling timber even while at the army,” he remembers as he narrates. “ I am confident that this business will sustain my family even during my retirement age,” he concludes. 

Hein is set to join the pool of trainers at EMPE because of his exemplary work he has showed at his farm. He has done exemplary well in keeping records that aid his accountability. This has been as a result of his wife’s, Safiata, skills as she works in a microfinance. They run the business together and this has made their relationships grow and facilitated them to achieve their goal as a family.


Hein and his wife have employed 1 man to look after the animals. He, his wife and his 5 children have greatly benefited from the income he receives from Hein. The children now go to school and they all live in a proper house at the farm that Hein has build for them. 

Most people have used age as a scape goat to why they cannot move to the next step especially when they retire and end up relying on their children. Evidently, age should not be an excuse as to why someone does not live a life a dignity. It takes faith and action to see results. Take charge of your life and choose to take the next step no matter your age!