Parents are strategic helpers to their children

Mostly children who have parents are shielded against many challenges in life. Parents who are strategic become the strongest pillars in the lives of their children. Elisabeth Sawadogo understands how strategic she is in her children’s lives. Elisabeth is a mother of six.  In 2016, she suffered poverty since she never had a channel of income in her home. The family relied on the husband’s income but it was not sufficient. Our partners in Burkina Faso EMPE rolled out their training in goat keeping in Kaya where she lives. Elisabeth attended the training and was in January 2017 given 2 goats since she was a beneficiary. 
At the end of the in December the leadership tea of EMPE visited her in her home and learned that she had invested in the goats and enabled her family rise from hopelessness. 
“I managed to take my three children to school,” she says happily. “I sold my two goats after they multiplied.” She notes in pride.
“ After selling the other two goats, I gave some money for my sons who have started farming,” she says joyfully. “ I have six more remaining goats since I sold four.” She concludes.
“I am hopeful since my sons will not have to struggle looking for employment since they are employed,” she notes, “ My husband is proud of me and we are regaining hope about the future of our children.” Elisabeth says hopefully. 
“I am grateful to Children’s Mission Burkina Faso and their partners for changing my life and that of my family,” she concludes gratefully.