Catching a vision from a misfortune

Kouakou Noel’s life changed after his wife left him. Noel was left to take care of their 10-year old son alone and provide for himself as well. His wife left him because he was financially challenged.  This left him devastated in life. He moved in with his parents as to move on with life while he managed to get pat-time jobs. 
“I struggled a lot in my past life due to the departure of the mother of my child who left with the child because I did not have money,” Noel remembers vividly. 
Noel was not happy in his life so he made up his mind to start a business. Fortunately he heard about Fonds Pour Les Micro-projects (FMP) entrepreneurial training dubbed ‘just Start, start from what you have’. 
“I heard about the training from an advocacy with the local radio station called radio of Bouake,” he says.
The training was a mind opener for Noel as his mentality changed. He believed in himself. The module on just start challenged and at the same time motivated him to begin his own business. 

“I had a part time job whereby I earned $ 20. I decided to buy biodegradable plastic bags and sell them in the market,” he narrates confidently. “ I now get an additional of $15- $ 20 as the business generates this profit weekly,” he reveals. 
“This is a profitable business as the state government of Cote d’Ivoire does not allow the use of industrial plastic material anymore. These policies promote the business.” He says happily. 



The business has enabled Noel to enjoy financial independence as he moved out from his parent’s house and has now managed to take his son to school. He networked during the training and has now managed to introduce another alumni of the training in the business. 
“With my new friend we are selling more and getting more clients which enables us to grow economically,” he says hopefully. “I have a vision of expanding my business to a big shop and diversifying it to sell more products. I also want to marry a woman who will help me in raising my son,” he concludes. 
Lack of employment is amongst the greatest challenges that most African young men face. Creating solutions by training people on entrepreneurship facilitates more people to understand how they can be skillful and utilize each skill to their benefit. Noel is an example of one life that has been changed through entrepreneurship. Join us in changing the mindset of young people through entrepreneurship and helping them find purpose and vision in life.