Training that changes the mindset

 At Children’s Mission Africa we believe that living a life of dignity is a process that begins mentally. This is the same idea that stands out in the training offered by our partners Fonds pour Les Micro-projects (FMP) in Ivory Coast. The training is targeted towards young people to help curb unemployment in the region. FMP has trained a number of young people who have formed alumni groups. These groups interact with other young people who encourage other young people to join the training. 
Gerald Kablan is one of the young people who was reached out to by an alumus. He was encouraged to join the training after two years of joblessness. 
“After high school I graduate in Building Technology but I could not get a job.” He narrates as he remembers the hopeless situation. “ I was never interested in our family business because I had an ambition of securing a permanent job with a monthly income,” he notes. 
“After the EMPE training I developed a different perspective. I decided to venture into the family business and implement the skills I had learned.” He says confidently. 
“I applied new selling techniques and recruited more sales people for the business. It increased our sales as we managed to sell cakes to schools and public spaces around our region.” He adds happily. 



When we need different results when we use a different approach. Gerald went for the training with a different approach towards creation of wealth. Moreso, the information he experienced in the training enabled him to look at life differently and approached his journey of wealth creation differently. 
“Now I am involving my two young brothers who were unemployed in the business. They are earning money and we are all able to support our parents with the house expense,” Gerald says joyfully.  
“I hope in the two next years to start my own family.” He reveals hopefully.  “Our ambition is to distribute our cakes in the supermarkets and shops in Bouake,” he concludes. 
Gerald is a true example of how much applying a different solution to a problem can result into achieving different results. Gerald has not only changed his life but also that of his family. He has developed a new hope and is now hopeful and lives a life of dignity. The call to create a continent where families live in dignity is one that will take partnership and impacting the most vulnerable people like young people. It only takes one young person to change the lives of other people. Be part of the chain effect and educate someone for the entrepreneurship training.