Building capacity that is solution oriented

Capacity building is one of our key pillars. We are dedicated to build the capacity of our partners so that through this more people in the community are impacted. The capacity we build amongst our partners is generated through accessing the level of growth the organization has reached since its foundtaion. The tool used to access the level of growth of each partner is known as OCCA. Our capacity development manager Kevin Kadiri is in charge of accessing our partners and offering advice there after. In addition, we ask our partners their main burning issues and compare with our monitoring and evaluation results.

Our visit at Imbaruetin Community Complex School in Namelok mid February was a time for capacity building for the team in charge of the project. The leader of the team, Daniel Saningo, and the Coordinator, Joseph Ntalamea, were trained on proposal writing.  This is because of the needs of the school that the children are exposed to. The team was eager to learn on this topic since it will expose them to various opportunities where they can secure funding to meet their felt needs. 

“I think the crucial bit is the fence and the water,” Daniel notes as he explains some of the needs in the school. “ We will give first priority to our burning issues,” Joseph concurs with Daniel as they gain new skills in the training with Kevin Kadiri. 

Joseph was also trained in basic skills in communication later during the morning hours since he articulated the need of a website for the school. This will ensure that as a school they are able to share their stories easily and own their content as well. Consequetly, they will have an online presence which is key in resource mobilization. After the training he was set to open a Facebook Account for the school and a website. During our stay at the school Kevin also trained the accountant, Joseph Tonke, on basic accounting skills. During the training Kadiri got to interact with Joseph and encouraged him to ask for assistance in anything he felt need to. This will ensure accountability of the leadership and the smooth running of the school. 


The sight of the children playing and learning in the school are forever implanted in our hearts because they are evidence that our work is a solution to many lives. The determination and passion of our partners encourages us and excites us to serve them more. These meetings help us build lasting relationships with our partners. We share in the success of the growth of our partners because we are assured that these initiatives will soon be established and sustainable within the community such that our vision is achieved.