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Leading by example: The story of leaders who are willing to embrace integrity

March 23, 2018

In the past weeks we set out to test the materials for our campaign dabbed No Corruption Generation.  In this exercise we target to understand the opinions of the students in regard to the content we share with them. Whether this content is fit for them to consume and understand the key message of corruption […]

Economic Empowerment that filters imposed mental biases

March 19, 2018

What you do not know keeps you where you are. Thus information is a powerful tool towards economically empowering individuals. This is one of our pillars as CMA and we’ve achieved milestones through our implementing partners. Approximately 500 entrepreneurs have acquired entrepreneurship skills in the various communities where we implementing partners work. Center For Evangelism […]

Facilitating provision of education through economic empowerment

March 12, 2018

Alex and Prose struggled to educate their children because of financial constraint. They have five children who they barely educated. Alex is the chairperson of Iganga Zone under our partners in Uganda Center For Evangelism. These partners implement a livelihood project within the community to increase the economic capacity of the people. They give animals […]

Raising a corruption free generation

March 6, 2018

Children’s Mission Africa is founded under three pillars that guide our work with our partners. Democratic space and governance is a pillar that is dedicated towards encouraging leadership that is service to the community. This pillar is implemented through No Corruption Generation (NCG) movement.  Through NCG we are able to teach children the effects of […]