Raising a corruption free generation

Children’s Mission Africa is founded under three pillars that guide our work with our partners. Democratic space and governance is a pillar that is dedicated towards encouraging leadership that is service to the community. This pillar is implemented through No Corruption Generation (NCG) movement.  Through NCG we are able to teach children the effects of corruption and encourage them to stand against corruption. 

We rolled out the NCG materials for the students to learn from and understand what corruption is according to their definition in Imbaruetin Complex Community School (ICCS) in Namelok. The children in primary and secondary school were eager to learn and converse with us about corruption. They gave feedback in regard to the content we gave them and the different ways they would feel that corruption is illustrated in the content we used. 

“We think that when a prefect writes one of the two noise makers in class because they are not their friends, that is corruption,” the children suggested during our discussion with them. 

The children were attentive to learn and understand what corruption is. At the end of the class they were interested in beginning integrity clubs so that they could continue with the debates amongst themselves. The high school students were challenged to take responsibility of their lives since their decisions today counted for their future. They were encouraged that living a life of upholding morals like honesty and integrity is also avoiding corruption. 


“We are happy to learn that we are all leaders at different levels and leading is serving,” noted the prefects during our discussion about corruption with them. 
The different opinions of what and how children under the age of 20 understand corruption was a light bulb moment for us. We understood how the children are exposed to corruption at different levels and how they counterattack it. The teachers in the schools were excited about this topic because they would lead by example and set the right example for the pupils. The head teacher in the primary section of the school is eager to begin an integrity club in the school to keep the children accountable. 
Investing in the future of a nation begins by looking for opportunities to impact the younger generation. The Holy bible says that when a child is taught the right way when young, they do not depart from it even when they grow up. Cultivating integrity in the young generation is hope for our nation. Kenya was ranked 143 in 2017 out of 180 countries that were sampled by Transparency International. This is an improvement from 145 from the previous years. The corruption index of Kenya will improve through the implementation of initiatives like No Corruption Generation.