Facilitating provision of education through economic empowerment

Alex and Prose struggled to educate their children because of financial constraint. They have five children who they barely educated. Alex is the chairperson of Iganga Zone under our partners in Uganda Center For Evangelism. These partners implement a livelihood project within the community to increase the economic capacity of the people. They give animals to the most vulnerable families to facilitate them to live lives of dignity. These animals become a source of income for the family thus it enables the family meet its needs. 
Alex and Prose Mudiba received one cow and two pigs from the project in 2015. Additionally, they received entrepreneurship skills to help them learn how to generate more income from the animals and invest wisely.  
“The milk and eggs from the chicken have helped us meet our basic needs as a family, “ Prose confesses. “The pig project has helped me pay fees for my children.” Alex says proudly. 
Their daughter is now a plumber and their son, Andrew Kisakwe, a medical assistant in the local hospital. Alex had to sell 40 piglets to raise the fees. Their third daughter is a primary school teacher in a local school. Peninah Kiswakwe is now in the process of joining university to become a midwife and the last-born is in S3.
The couple is motivated to continue working hard and influencing the lives of their children. This is because they were both illiterate and admired to give an education to their children. Although the feeds and building a security wall for the animals is a challenge, the couple is planning to develop themselves economically through the animals and ensure that their income is sustainable. 
When more children access education Africa rises since more lives are productive and have skills to solve various challenges within the society. Accessing education for children is crucial since it ensures they grow