Economic Empowerment that filters imposed mental biases

What you do not know keeps you where you are. Thus information is a powerful tool towards economically empowering individuals. This is one of our pillars as CMA and we’ve achieved milestones through our implementing partners. Approximately 500 entrepreneurs have acquired entrepreneurship skills in the various communities where we implementing partners work. Center For Evangelism (CFE) is our implementing partner in Uganda. They run a livelihood project and entrepreneurship skills training. Paul and Sarah Musisi have developed a greater vision in life as a result of the training they got from CFE. 
“We thank God for CFE and their pastors. This is because they have trained us in 
various enterprises.” They note keenly. “ The training we’ve received about savings and the exposure visit we attended really opened up our mind to do big things.” The couple assures us. 
The couple now owns 20 acres because they changed their mindset. They also own a retail shop in the nearby town that enables them to educate their children and meet their daily needs in their household. 
“We started with 300 bird but now we have 1000 birds,” Sarah says proudly. “These birds give us 20 trays a day that enable us meet some of the expenses in our family,” she adds. 
In addition, Sarah is cultivating her mentees economically. She had four goats bit now she has eight goats. She has given her mentee three goats to take care of. Later when the goats give birth, she will return Sarah’s goats but remain with the kids. This is a trend she has began so that she will impact and invest in the visions of other women in her community.
The couple’s greatest dream is to see their children literate. They are committed to seeing their eight children literate and having even bigger visions than themselves. Their greatest pride is to change the world by being parents who invested in the education of their children. 
“We are not literate but we are committed to educating our children,” the couple concludes hopefully.