Leading by example: The story of leaders who are willing to embrace integrity

In the past weeks we set out to test the materials for our campaign dabbed No Corruption Generation.  In this exercise we target to understand the opinions of the students in regard to the content we share with them. Whether this content is fit for them to consume and understand the key message of corruption kills. We met the students from Mathare Children’s Education one of our partners in Nairobi. We met the high school students separately from the primary school ones. In the first week we met with the primary school pupils. 

The head mistress at Mathare Children’s Education in charge of the primary school-Mary Ouma- was receptive and warm about the campaign. She thinks it is a good initiative in shaping the mindset and character of the pupils. 

“It would be a great opportunity to support the children with this campaign because it will impact them in all areas of their lives,” she said affirmatively. 

During our time with the pupils, Mary Ouma was proactive to ensure the students understood what the content meant and the questions we proposed to the students. She made them understand some of the basic principles of the campaign that will be launched in the school. 

“For our next meeting I urge you to bring your note books and pens so that you can take notes for your references,” she urged the pupils. 

In our next visit with the students in high school, the warm reception of the head mistress, Joyce Muiya, was professional and positive. She was excited about the topic and hoped that her students would learn and ask questions as expected. After she introduced our team to the students she urged them to be bold and give feedback about what they were learning in the process. 

“This campaign is a great initiative since it is not only educational but affects the life skills of our students.” Joyce noted positively.

During our time with the students they were courageous to give both positive and negative feedback. This feedback will be resourceful for us to create the most effective communication materials that communicate about leadership and corruption to the students in Mathare Children’s Education. 


The students are looking ahead for the official launch of the campaign in the school so that they can learn and challenge their peers on these two major topics (Leadership and Corruption) in the society.  The teachers who will be in charge of the integrity clubs in this school are eager to learn and use the clubs as a launching pad to execute the campaign and influence the lives of the students. 

We highly appreciate the support we’ve used as a springboard to reach out to the pupils in this school. Their support is like a bridge between the students and us. We encourage them to continually support the students so that the campaign is successful and achieve its goal.  The success of this campaign will influence the leaders of tomorrow to change the fate of Africa from where it is today to a better level in the future. This will play a big role in our vision of creating an Africa where families live in dignity.