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Commitment to promoting an Africa where families live in dignity

April 23, 2018

At Children’s Mission Africa we are guided by the value of love and compassion. These two values enable us reach out to people within different communities and get to know about them. This helps us develop a relationship with the people we serve above the needs we meet in their lives. This is a culture […]

Continuous learning that sharpens our focus to the vision

April 16, 2018

Before Easter we met as a team together with the board to go through an evaluation process of our strategic plan with the help of Dr. William Ogora.  He is a renowned expert in the society sector for coaching support and organizational development.  Thusly, his expertise helped us understand and acknowledge what we've achieved and […]

Mentorship: A solution towards achieving success for youngsters in life

April 16, 2018

I Choose Life Africa our partners in Kenya implement a project named SEAL. This project is designed to give mentorship to young adults within high schools and universities.  SEAL project is an abbreviation of Sexual and Reproductive Health, Economic Empowerment, Academic and Career Mentorship, Leadership and Governance. Young adults are trained in these areas to […]

Inclusion as catalysis of partnerships

April 9, 2018

Inclusion is the state of being incorporated into a given group for the positive achievement of the interests of the given group. In the past two weeks or so our team was involved in a conference named Resilience Workshop. In the resilience workshop two of our team members represented our organization. The two team members, […]