Continuous learning that sharpens our focus to the vision

Before Easter we met as a team together with the board to go through an evaluation process of our strategic plan with the help of Dr. William Ogora.  He is a renowned expert in the society sector for coaching support and organizational development.  Thusly, his expertise helped us understand and acknowledge what we've achieved and what we are yet to achieve so that we can enable more families live lives of dignity.  Additionally, Dr. Ogora has over 25 years of experience in the financial and development. 

In the meeting, we discussed each strategic pillar. We had an evaluation of the activities our organization has performed.  And those that we need to improve and sustain through our implementing partners in different parts of the content. The contribution of each team member in regard to his or her department was also gauged to help understand what each of us needed to improve on and continually learn. This evaluation enables the continuous learning and motivation to achieve expected results of each and every one of us in the organization. 


Learning culture is one of the core values that CMA embraces. This shows that our evaluation keeps us focused on our vision and enables us to perform beyond expectation. The evaluation ended with our team gauging the level they felt the company is performing compared to the strategic plan that guides our activities within the organization. This review has sharpened our focus and encouraged us to continually learn innovative methods of reporting our story and stories of those that we are serving through our implementing partners. 

The inclusion of expert advises in our board meeting helps us have an objective eye towards the work we are doing. It also shapes our perspective through the introduction of various innovative solutions to help improve the outcome of our work within the continent. This evaluation is key to the growth of the organization and hence promotes positive impact to our implementing partners.