Commitment to promoting an Africa where families live in dignity

At Children’s Mission Africa we are guided by the value of love and compassion. These two values enable us reach out to people within different communities and get to know about them. This helps us develop a relationship with the people we serve above the needs we meet in their lives. This is a culture from our partners in Sweden, Children’s Mission Sweden (CM).  Their commitment and determination to this vision is seen in the execution of roles during the various field visits. 

The field visits help them monitor and evaluate the work in different communities. This informs some of the decisions they make in regard to partnerships. The result of the work is mainly the key agendum as it shows whether or not our implementing partners are impacting their communities. In the last field visit ,just after Easter, was a time for Annica and Anders Martesson to visit Center For Evangelism in Uganda. During this time they visited and interacted with the people whose lives were impacted by the different projects. 


Annica went to fieldwork with Christine Maganda of CFE. During their time they visited different beneficiaries who narrated their stories and the impact CFE has had in their lives. It was an amazing time for Annica as she took many photos of people living in dignity.  This being her first time, she went back to Sweden with many success stories of the families impacted positively. Anders was at the place of meeting where they met different people who work with the Local Community Development Committees. These people have become the model of change in their communities and are spreading the same change in their different communities. Their testimonies of how CFE have changed their family is heart warming and encourages us in our vision. 

Also, acknowledging that this vision cannot be achieved single-handedly , Anders together with Chelimo Njoroge a member of  CMA met with some of the people from the civil society. These people from the civil society organizations share a common goal with CFE . They gave their accounts of how trainings from CFE has enabled them increase their impact in the community. This was a motivation that our implementing partner is growing into a model organization for other Community based Organizations in Uganda. These success stories help us focus on our vision and encourage us that together we can create a continent where families live dignity. Join the movement, and help us enable more families live lives of dignity!