Using approaches that seek to improve the community 

In March, Children’s Mission Africa visited Center For Evangelism (CFE) our partners in Uganda. During this visit, the leadership team of CFE together with CMA and Anders Martnesson of  (Children’s Mission Sweden) CMS held a meeting. The focus of the meeting was the evaluation of the proposal for the project phase 2016 to 2018. This evaluation was a time to examine what worked and what did not work.
The meeting was incorporated with the lessons learned and what they could do differently for the next phase. This enabled them to find the gaps within the execution phase and solutions. 

Focusing on community participation enables the community to understand any given initiative. It also makes the community to understand the initiative and hence have a sense of ownership. Evaluation that is inclusive enables the community to articulate gaps and create solutions that are applicable. This is method enhances the bottom-up approach. This approach empowers the people in the grass roots level and enables them to voice their input in any given initiative. This enables the development of the community using locally initiated solutions.

CMA focuses on community participation, as it is a foundation for any community project to be implemented and achieve desired results.  Community participation empowers the community and enables the growth of an initiative from one level to the next.  Thusly, the particular initiative impacts the community and positively impacts the society.