Embracing community participation to achieve greater impact 

Center For Evangelism works with local churches in Uganda so that it can be in direct involvement with the communities it serves. There are 56 churches with 74 centers within the 54 villages that CFE works with. The number of centers is dependent on how big the population of a village is compared to other villages. This strategy has enabled CFE to promote dignity for more families since they use the Local Community Development Committee. LCDC is comprised of 16 people. In each LCDC group, two of the 16 members must be a pastor and a Community Development Officer. This governance and management structure is followed to ensure that the community is impacted holistically.  In addition, the use of LCDC strategy by CFE aids in quantifying the attainment of the program goals since it is more effective to actually know and meet the families that benefit from any initiative through the group.

The main goal of the LCDC group is to fight against poverty.  Consequently, they have resolved to train people against the four man challenges in the village. These challenges are ignorance, gender based violence, environment friendly behavior and communicable diseases. Every group should appoint three members to reach out to the community and train them on these four main issues so that it aids them transform the lives of the community members. Kungu Israeli the chairperson of Lokotaime LCDC Group gives an account of how the community has benefitted from this initiative. He adds that the group also supervises if the people are doing what they are trained.


The LCDC Committee during the meeting

“In every 10 homes three families have a business as a result of the trainings and supervision unlike in the past where people did not have businesses,” Kungu discloses.

“Even within the LCDC group members have greatly benefitted,” he adds. “ I was unable to educate one of my children because of lack of school fees. After the training from CFE as a trainer of the people in the village, I decided to open a business where I would sell cosmetics and shoes.” He remembers vividly. “Now my child is back to school,”

“ This business has helped me restore dignity even in my life. Now I can invite visitors to my house. Also, I have a variety of clothes as opposed to earlier when I struggled to meet these personal needs,” he adds. “ I hope to buy a motorcycle in the future,” he says hopefully.

Apparently within the village they have formed two savings group that help the families grow economically through provision of loans.  One group has saved UGsh. 1.2 Million and the other one has saved UGsh. 450,000.

“Our committee has a vision of seeing all families get out of poverty within our village,” he concludes confidently.  “ I am continuously motivated that we achieve this goal because I have suffered the pain of poverty. My father succumbed to death in our house since we couldn’t afford money for his treatment. Also I did not get an education since I came from a vulnerable background. The LCDC gives me an opportunity to help children, young people, women and men overcome poverty just like me.”  He narrates feeling encouraged.