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Economic growth through capacity building

June 13, 2018

Chosiga Chiokungula is now an organization with 32 registered members thanks to the trainings offered by CFE to the leaders of the team. They now have an active savings group that facilitates its members with loans. The main idea for developing the group was economic growth as they began as a Village Saving and Loan […]

Using community-based approaches to fight poverty 

June 11, 2018

Kamuli Center is one of the 74 centers that Center For Evangelism, our partners in Uganda, work within the 54 villages where they reach out to communities.  CFE has adopted a committee that is the focal point where they touch base with the community. The Local Community Development Committee in charge of Kamuli Center analyzed […]

Capacity Building: The strongest instrument of driving development

June 8, 2018

“Since we encountered CFE, we’ve changed our approach of leadership and financial management.” Says Ayub Musolo, the Executive Director of Multi-Purpose & Community Empowerment Association, during our discussion with him. Capacity Building is increasing knowledge and skills in people, organizations, institutions or governments. Capacity building enables the holistic growth of an organization and improves impact […]

Economic empowerment a solution to social injustice

June 4, 2018

Samuel Katuma is the pastor in the LCDC group of  Lokotaime Village. He has experienced a social change in his community as a result of the economic empowerment training some of the people underwent through the leaders of the group. The leaders were trained by CFE. Center For Evangelism is using churches as focal points […]