Economic empowerment a solution to social injustice

Samuel Katuma is the pastor in the LCDC group of  Lokotaime Village. He has experienced a social change in his community as a result of the economic empowerment training some of the people underwent through the leaders of the group. The leaders were trained by CFE. Center For Evangelism is using churches as focal points because it is inclusive and easy to follow up on the projects.

“ The tithe has increased in church,” Samuel notes.  “Our committee has both women and business people who help us in creating some of the solutions we’ve embraced in the village,” he carefully explains.

Recently, the community who are Christians managed to buy land for the church. This made Samuel proud of his congregants as they applied the skills they gained from the economic empowerment training.

“I have observed people starting small and growing. We hope that Lokotaime will be the model community for other villages. “ He adds hopefully.

In addition, our committee will form an association for poultry farmers and banana farmers. This will help people learn and harvest better output because they are farming collaboratively.   

“The women in church now testify that they are no longer asking for money of upkeep from their husbands because they now have their savings. This has reduced domestic violence in our community,” Samuel discloses happily.

Although some families haven’t managed to start a business, Samuel is supportive and proud of the families that have begun their businesses and are enjoying the benefits. The people are always eager to learn more about economic empowerment.
Social justice is achieved through economic empowerment. This is so as when people learn a skill and utilize it they have access to wealth, privileges and opportunities.  Promoting programs that are run our implementing partners helps more families live in dignity and achieve their God- Given destiny through the support they get from the different initiatives.