Economic growth through capacity building

Chosiga Chiokungula is now an organization with 32 registered members thanks to the trainings offered by CFE to the leaders of the team. They now have an active savings group that facilitates its members with loans. The main idea for developing the group was economic growth as they began as a Village Saving and Loan Association. Fortunately, the training in financial management and resource mobilization has helped the group make progress towards their goals.

“Currently most of our members are farmers. We have three members who opened retail shops as a result of the savings group,” David Katetei, the chairman of the group, notes proudly.


David Katetei during the meeting 

The group made its membership voluntary to attract more people who are interested in growing financially. Their involvement with diverse community activities has helped the branding of the organization, which has attracted new members. They have created a partnership with four organizations with 30 members each to establish a great foundation and become an NGO in the near future.

“The training from CFE helped us register the organization, create a constitution for members to follow and learned how to manage our financial system,” David adds during the discussion.

Individually, David has managed to embrace some of these skills while managing his resources at home.  “I decided to venture into maize farming and ground-nut farming.  Consequently, he has managed to pay the school fees of his children on time. My family is more peaceful.” David discloses happily.

Oyenza Zakaria, one of the members of the organization, adds that the training they received from CFE has helped him in his individual life. He developed an opened mind to opportunities. This has made him become better at managing his money and acquiring wealth.

“I have managed to borrow healthy loans that help me meet the needs of my family on time. Earlier, I struggled because I had to wait for harvest so that I can have money to take care of the needs of my family.” Zakaria explains during the interview.