Economic empowerment transforms family in Uganda

Through Centre For Evangelism livestock program in Namusisi Centre, Emmanuel learnt skills of rearing and looking after pigs properly.

Today Emmanuel can earn a living for himself and his family too, Emmanuel who started with 2 piglets that were given to him by Centre For Evangelism with sponsorship from Childrens Mission through the livestock program  has accumulated more 35 piglets out of the 2 initial capital (2 adults and 35 piglets to total up to 37 pigs).

Emmanuel at his barn



During the sensitization sessions, Emmanuel was helped to discover the best type of animal to rear for income generation and he also came to realize the required resources for a start. Emmanuel chose to keep piglets for he had a piece of land and pieces of timber that he used as his start-up capital.

Emmanuel sold off 25 piglets@ 50,000ug,totaling to Shs I,250,000 which is also equivalent to $348.He used this cash as a top-up on to his savings from his retail shop and bought a sugar cane plantation and after the harvest, he bought two pieces  of land to make an extension of his sugar cane business. He also renovated his residential house and started a poultry keeping unit as a side family income and he constructed a permanent shelter for the birds.

He has experienced a change of mind set, a rise in income and he can adequately sustain his family on these sources of income which was not the case before the intervention.


Some of the pigs at Mr Emmanuel’s barn

With the realization of the huge profit from piggery and expertise gotten from practicing, Emmanuel has plans of expanding on the farm with the idea of grooming more mothers.