From dependance to self reliant, the story of Elizabeth Kirabo

KIRABO ELIZABETH aged 22 is a beneficiary of the livestock program, who had her life changed from depending on her parents for her necessities. Lisa, as she is called by her peers,  applied and registered for the program and during the sensitization and trainings facilitated by the Centre for Evangelism program implementing team, she discovered her potential in piggery component. She also realized that she had the required resources just within her reach to explore her potential and become the best she can be. Lisa used part of her parents land for shelter construction and acquired two (2) piglets from the livestock program being implemented in Kiringa with support from the Childrens’ Mission.


Lisa standing near her pig sty


Lisa was able to accumulate four more piglets which she sold off each at UShs 50,000 totaling to UShs 200, 000 (54 dollars). She used some of the money to buy feeds for the mother stock and she feels great for having start her own venture. Previously she had no source of income and she was struggling to meet her needs which were competing meagre income her parents were getting. Speaking boldly with a smiling face, she explains how she feels good while now is able to  provides for herself through sheer determination and personal efforts. As one of the many beneficiaries of the program, she has took upon herself to spread the good tidings and become a model among her peers of how hard work and efforts can pay off if only one has set the rights mind frame.

In her pig sty Lisa has six pigs. One of the pigs  is under gestation (expectant) and she expects it to give birth to ten young ones. “Going forward, I want to expand and learn more about value addition not only on pigs but also on other animals so as I can be able to diversify my portfolio as well as my income”, Said Lisa.

Elizabeth in her concluding words requests for more technical advice on handling her farm which shall be availed to her by the implementing team.