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Ivan Edmanh Moussou lives and breath communications

February 25, 2019

Ivan Edmanh Moussou is the proprietor of Comrade Agency, a boutique firm that  prints and disseminates T-shirts. The Agency has been in existence for six months and currently has five employees and they are planning to expand to other countries especially in West Africa so as to tap the 130 million market. Their value proposition involves […]

Dieu-Vielle, starting a school, the best decision I ever made.

February 25, 2019

Dieu-Vielle started his school in 2013 with 120 students. He started the school in  order to cater for the educational needs of his community. Students who come in the morning – Pay 6,000 per month while those that start in the afternoon – pay 7,500 per month. He has 70 students in in the Secondary […]

Couples Ice business brings warmth to a widows’ home

February 21, 2019

Anicee and Helen sell ice in the market – on a good day they get at least CFA Franc 5,000 per day. Congo, Brazzaville being  a hot country, many businesses need ice to freeze and cool their products. The currently have three freezers but one got spoilt because the motor capacity was low.  There is great demand […]

Skills transfer sets young people to entrepreneurship path

February 21, 2019

Both Juce and Patrick are business partners. They attended the CFIP 5th Promotion Training that took place in January 2019 after receiving support from Children’s Mission Africa (CMA). CMA supports CFIP by providing support in strengthening organization governance for future sustainability of an organization.   They repair  refrigerators and Air Conditioners (AC) and at the […]

Varel Stany; starting small yet aiming big

February 21, 2019

Twenty three yrs of age, Varel Stany Ngayita is a 3rd year student at the of University Marien Ngouabi doing African Literature. He has been doing a chicken and fish bbq business since 2017, within the public university premises so as to supplement his living allowance as well as cater for his school fees. Initially […]

Mentoring women to be economically independent

February 21, 2019

Roslin Ives runs a company that distributes cleaning detergent of major companies in Brazzaville, the capital of Congo. The business which has been in existence since August 2018, is now focused on working on their marketing strategy to ensure more people know about the products that they are distributing. They have identified three suppliers who provide the […]

Veronica Ahingir new found beehive confidence

February 20, 2019

The beehive intervention by FLEP’s TLP Project through the support of Children Mission Africa has been championing the cause of change in the lives of women in different communities around Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. 50 women started beekeeping and these women wear many hats; they are beekeepers, small-scale business women and farmers. One of these […]

Amos Muteti, a trailblazer in economic empowerment

February 11, 2019

While most of students depend on their parents or guardians for almost everything, Amos Muteti a form four student in Kyevaluki Secondary school, Machakos County, single handedly pays for his own school fees. In 2018, Amos was trained as a SEAL by I Choose Life – Africa and he decided to use the lessons he […]

Carol Wambua, championing youth health at the Machakos County Assembly

February 4, 2019

Carol Wambua’s passion in championing for the rights of young people’s Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) drove her to apply and later join the SEAL program by I Choose Life Africa supported by Children Mission Africa. “In my community, many young girls are victims of unintended pregnancies, which results to school drop outs and […]