Couples Ice business brings warmth to a widows’ home

Anicee and Helen sell ice in the market – on a good day they get at least CFA Franc 5,000 per day. Congo, Brazzaville being  a hot country, many businesses need ice to freeze and cool their products. The currently have three freezers but one got spoilt because the motor capacity was low.  There is great demand for Ice because many do not have fridges in their house.
Anicee, Policeman and his wife Helen, who is a pastor runs an Ice business in Brazzaville
The wife belongs to a  table banking group and this month she will be receiving money which they can use to acquire another fridge.
Their main challenge is that they are not able to meet the demand and hence need more coolers. They could make much more if only they had more refrigerators. They  are currently are supporting a widow with two bottles every day to sell and use their income to support the family.
They are continually looking for ways to get finances. They are engaged in agriculture, farming vegetables, tomatoes, onions etc to continue supplementing their family income.