Dieu-Vielle, starting a school, the best decision I ever made.

Dieu-Vielle started his school in 2013 with 120 students. He started the school in  order to cater for the educational needs of his community. Students who come in the morning – Pay 6,000 per month while those that start in the afternoon – pay 7,500 per month. He has 70 students in in the Secondary School.
Diue Vielle standing next to the classrooms
He would like to grow the school by buying land from the neighbors so as to expand the classrooms, to cater for the growing umber of students
From the  CFIP entrepreneurship trainings which are supported by Children Mission Africa (CMA)  he has learnt the art of marketing the schools. He has also improved his communication with the parents of the students who are his customers. From the training he also started keeping financial records for his business in order to project operations cost as well as seek loans.
From CFIP also he was able to open a 2nd school closer to the road after doing a market research to map out the opportunities and challenges the school business presents to parents who are his customers.
He inherited the first school from her Mum after she suffered stroke and passed away in 2013. With this business he takes care of his needs and that of his family.
He will continue to market the school because the capacity is not yet reached and he has plans for the school to be among the best school in the Congo capital, Brazzaville.