Ivan Edmanh Moussou lives and breath communications

Ivan Edmanh Moussou is the proprietor of Comrade Agency, a boutique firm that  prints and disseminates T-shirts. The Agency has been in existence for six months and currently has five employees and they are planning to expand to other countries especially in West Africa so as to tap the 130 million market.
From right to left, Ivan and his designer
Their value proposition involves event photography, T-shirts design and printing, social media and IEC development. Ivan also hires a designer part time especially when he has more to deliver as well as some casual labourers. The biggest challenge that he has had to endure since being operational was the high operational cost occasioned by frequent power lack outs. He is  determined to break even and partner with like minded business in order to create visibility and position brands in the market.
He believes with continuous training from CFIP and some little capita injection he will be able. to fly high and grow his business tremendously.