Meshack to walk the extra mile

Meshak was one of the seriously injured students at the school which was attacked a little more than a year ago, just behind our house. (9 people lost their lives!). His left leg was amputated and he’s been through a multitude of skin transplants in order to save his right leg. On Monday it was finally time for him and his mother Helene to be flown by MAF to Nairobi in order to get a prosthesis.

Meshack in his new wheel chair

Our faithful taxi driver Nicodemus meets the plane, drives them to their lodging, takes them the next day to the Jaipur Foot Trust, ensures that everything is ok and taken care of, and reports back to us with pictures and phone calls.
And then another angel shows up, Florence, a volunteer, who advices them about getting a free wheelchair in Nanyuki, ensures Meshak gets his access card for disabled, then takes them to another center to get the right leg extra support shoe taken care of, and even puts Meshak and his mother up in her home for a couple of nights!
People like Nicodemus and Florence who are willing to go the extra mile for a needy person, they inspire and instill hope!