Beatrice Wangechi: Business Mentorship Skills turned around my revenue

When Beatrice Wangechi was doing her tailoring business in the house, she had neighbors as customers and some months would go even without making any savings, due to her meagre income. She was always on the loss and not able to make to keep track of her spending. However, when EPTF staff, Anthony came knocking on her door to be part of a series of business mentorship and training classes, she gladly obliged and started the classes with only a commitment fee of Ksh 500.

Beatrice at her tailoring Shop

After going through the three weeks savings, an opportunity arised, that  market stalls were offered to women and she was lucky to be located one for Ksh 5,000 a month. her husband paid upfront rent the first 6 months. Quickly settling in and utilizing the skills she got from the train and slowly increasing her customer base, she has realized some growth over time.” As of now I am tracking my cashflow and spending through book keeping and I have been able to experience great growth since I moved to this place. The matatu operators have given me a contract to start making the uniforms for their drivers and other staff and I believe more of this opportunity will be able to drive my revenue upwards.

She intends to expand as well as share her skills with other women who want to venture into tailoring business as a source of self employment. she has also enrolled in a Sacco and by the end of the ye she wants to access some loans so as to expand her business going forward.