Farming changing Fortunes in PWDs in Njoro

When Janet told her family that she was moving to Njoro after securing employment with EPTF her family was against the idea, as she is the only child of her mother. She also had some farming going on which was doing well. The push finally gave in and she set to Njoro, a place she has never been. At first it was hard but with time she enjoyed imparting knowledge about smart farming to community members and seeing them grow in leaps and bounds.

Baraka PWDs

For the one year she has been in Njoro, her most memorable time has been interacting and engaging with the People with Disabilities (PWDs) in smart farming that uses low input resulting to high yield.

The impact and the field visit she has organized with the Baraka PWDs Group has been very impactful, “As for me, since I started interacting with Janet by birds has increased three fold and I am using less resources in maintaining them”, said Ms Wangechi, a member of the group.

“I have also learnt in developing my own compact manure from heard droppings and after harvest crops which has reduced the cost of farm inputs directly” said Mr. Kiptowet. The group has been able to start a saving scheme among members so as to be able to access loans in Sacco as they are also planning to rent land and do some large scale farming that would be able to earn some relatively good income.