Kaptembwo Youth Group harnessing the power of demographic dividend

When Jude Onyango realized that he needed to do something to change his surroundings, he thought he could do it alone, but when he shared the idea with Mike, a fellow youth in Kaptembwo, he realized that they shared the same vision. The vision is to change the narrative of Kaptembwo, an informal settlement at the heart of Nakuru Town.

They mobilized other youth in the area and started a youth group, which provided a safe space for young people to come and share their ideas on how they could uplift  and unshackle themselves from poverty, unemployment and other ills bedeviling young people. After a series of meeting they decided to start table banking savings,  which in two years bore an investment company, Kaptembwo Young Investors Ltd.

After endless trips to the youth fund and being turned down. they decided to take the bull by the horns and petition elected leaders to assist them in accessing the youth funds. The elected leaders also were not forthcoming in their promises and they decided to venture into community empowerment; life-skills and SRHR mentoring including raising some small funds from their own pockets to ensure sustainability of the group. As of 2015, since they started,  they now have a hall which they rent for a fee,  water shop and a barbershop which are all streams of income that enable the group to stay afloat.

From left to right, Jude and Mike the founders of kaptembwo Youth Group

Going forward they have realized that come the next the general election, they would front one of their own to the county Assembly to ensure they have a sit at the table. They are still involved in community advocacy as they believe it has given them a voice in community issues as well enabled them to be consulted on key issues affecting their community.