Editors Note: Achieving equality and dignity through Education

As the world sets its target on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4,  ensuring inclusive, equitable and quality education that promotes lifelong opportunities for all. Here at Children’s Mission Africa (CMA) and its partners, we focus on Education that promotes and restores dignity to families while nourishing souls with the word of God. Holistic education is paramount for the family and the society at large to realize huge benefits, that are largely untapped when one facet of education is emphasized. Education that feeds both the physical and spiritual aspects of life is able to lift communities out of poverty as well as set the stage for moral regeneration of a nation. Education must be harnessed in all it s forms to address equality and restore dignity to families, communities and nations at large. We must realize that education without morality is doomed to fail and can be very catastrophic to communities. Children must be at the heart of education and must be treated with utmost care to ensure the education is inclusive, equitable and able to develop their minds to be upright citizens able to decipher right from wrong.

Pupils from Hanah_Emruakin School

Education brings people together and if harnessed can cure the ills of this world. As the late Nelson Mandela, once said “Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world.” These solemn words must be constantly vibrating in our hearts to ensure that we allocate sufficient resources to education. From Oloitoktok, where  Imbaruetin Complex Community School (ICCS)  to Lokichogio where Hannah-Emruakin is located, education still remains the only factors that streamlines gender equality by keeping girls in school who would have otherwise undergone FGM and married off to old men. Education must be championed by all for achieving dignity and ensuring prosperity for all.