Uganda: ABC Children’s Aid brought hope to Christopher Kateerega

As an organization ABC Children’s Aids focus is educating vulnerable children. The needs are many but we look for highly motivated students who have aptitude and abilty. This young man, Christopher Kateerega is one of the students in Comprehensive College Kitetika, who is striving against all odds to attain his dream.  He is seventeen, lives alone and this year is in senior four.

His father abandoned him after his mother died which is suspected to have been due to HIV/AIDS. As he has matured  he has been able to work as an assistant mechanic in a local garage. He often worked after class and over the weekends and holidays to try and raise some money for his tuition as well as feeding and medication.

Due to the fact that he is now in his senior four we have offered him free boarding and school fees so that he can pursue his dream of becoming an engineer in the future.

Thank you to ABC Children’s Aid for the continuous support you have been giving to Uganda ABC Children’s Aid. Education that is inclusive and promotes equality among young people. ABC is working at the intersect of providing and promoting inclusive education that is relevant and timely to over 1700 children since 2007.