Burkina Faso: Skill training radically changed Martin fortunes

Martin Zangaree graduated from EMPE entrepreneurship training program in 2018. Before then, Martin was struggling to meet his daily life needs due to lack of business skills. The training period at EMPE has been a critical turning point of his life. After the training, Martin has been able to change his perspectives of life to match his dreams.

Martin with a spray gun, which he uses to clean vehicles headlights

“Before the training, I was selling vehicles’ accessories, but it was not profitable because of cut throat competition in the market”, he declared. “During the training, my way of thinking was radically changed as I was taught to be creative as well maximizing my full potential”. Joyfully, he said: “Just after the training, I developed and implemented a business idea of washing vehicles’ headlights, which is a technical, yet not well known skill.”

“Before, I was shy, but now I am comfortable to attract people (my customers) and sell my skills. From this new business venture I can earn up to 6,000 CFA (9 Euro) a day.” She continued.

“Now, I can afford money to take care of myself and pay my rental costs, this is just the beginning of my big enterprise to come, he concluded confidently.