Business Management Training Sets Ms. Diarra to a Path of Entrepreneurship

Ms. Diarra attended EMPE entrepreneurship training program in 2016. Immediately after the training she secured employment, thanks to the business management skills and values she acquired during the training. She welcomed with great joy, the EMPE team who paid her a field visit on her workplace

Ms. Diarra at her workstation.

The entrepreneurship training program I took part at EMPE training was of great importance to me.  It is has completely transformed my life and that of people around me,” she confessed.  “I have learnt how to run a business and how to manage financial resources, she continued. “I didn’t start my own business, but I got employed just after the training as a secretary accountant in an appliance shop and I have been able to grow the shop revenue by 50% since I was employed due to the implementing the skills I got from the training. My vision is to create my own business and to employ people. This employment is just my first step towards being an employer”. She concluded proudly.