Mrs. Mwilolo Florence, 34, mother of three children, is a participant in Busoga, Bukombawale project in lwerera Centre. Florence was enrolled in the Busoga Bukkombawale project in 2016 and started attending the business skills training sessions facilitated by Centre for Evangelism (CFE) with the support of Children’s Mission Sweden.

Initially, Florence used to have challenges in feeding her family due to intermittent income, but while in the training session, Florence realized that she needed to start growing her own food to supplement what she buys in the market with her meager income.

Ms Mwilolo at her farm

She was given a piece of land, for free, by her friend Aidha, and used it to plant cassava. From the skills she got from the business training, Florence has been able to consistently increase her farm yield and still supplement food from her own garden, while sell some to earn a living for the family.

Florence now uses the money to save for the future as well also facilitate other domestic needs in the family.

“In the next two to five years, I want to increase my farm yield by 30% and buy land so as to plant more cassava for selling to the schools around” said Florence as she concluded the interview

 Compiled by James Baalimira