MUM STORIES: Extraordinary love from an ordinary mother


I acknowledge that there are lots of amazing mothers who’ve moved mountains to provide for their families, but allow me to appreciate the woman who has been extraordinary in our ordinary family.

This is to the woman who at one point had my life solely in her hands and she preserved it.

This is to my mother.

I won’t call you an angel for I’d be lying. First the bible hasn’t mentioned any female angels and at one point you slapped me so badly I thought I’d die.

I won’t pretend that I now understand the reasons for everything you did like asking me to pack and leave when I was just 10-even though it was a ruse-or admit that the beatings I received were justified.

You were never perfect and through your imperfections you gave us the best mom we’d ever ask for.

From you, I have learnt how to be hardworking and independent.

From your invaluable advice, I now can approach life from an informed perspective.

In you, I’ve seen the manifestation of the strength of a woman. I know you might not believe this but I do go to church and my room is always neat.

I have enjoyed learning from you and I’m still far from figuring you out for the enigma that you are.

On International Women’s Day, I texted you and wished you a happy one. You immediately called me and asked if I needed money and yes, I was running broke. I needed money.

But this Mother’s Day is different. I’m not playing tricks so that you can send me money. I only want you to know one thing. I never chose you as my mother.

But if I was to live my life in reverse and start my life as an old man, I’d still spend the last nine months of my life with you. Thank you for being an amazing mother to us.

This article was first published by Daily Nation