Partners for Resilience recommendations for the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2019

The Partners for Resilience Alliance (PfR) promotes integrated risk management approaches in countries where vulnerable communities are affected by disasters, mismanagement of land and water resources, and impacts from climate change. An Integrated Risk Management approach integrates current and future risks, and looks at the wider landscape and its natural environment as a system in which risks originate and manifest.

As such, PfR helps to take the implementation of the Sendai Framework (SFDRR) and the 2030 Agenda to the next level, working alongside governments in achieving target E of the SFDRR: the development of ‘national and local disaster risk reduction strategies in alignment with the SFDRR’ and contributing to ‘leaving no one behind’. The principles of PfR’s approach, referred to as Integrated Risk Management, include:

  • Putting people at risk centre-stage, building on local and traditional resources and knowledge
  • Linking humanitarian and development domains by focusing on livelihoods
  • Addressing risk at a landscape scale
  • Managing and restoring ecosystems
  • Working on different time scales to ensure adaptive planning
  • Linking local realities with global processes
  • Integrating discplines and approaches to encompass different risks
  • Partnering with communities, civil society organizations (CSOs), government, knowledge institutes, private sector, media, and more

This article was first published by preventionweb