Policy brief: Disaster displacement and disaster risk reduction

Recognizing that the Sendai Framework acknowledges disaster displacement, this policy brief contains key messages and proposed commitments for states and other actors at the Global Platform 2019. The brief seeks to:

  1. Update or develop local, national and regional DRR strategies that include provisions on disaster displacement and human mobility, by 2020.
  2. Ensure that national DRR policies, strategies and plans are integrated with policies, strategies and plans on climate change action, development, humanitarian assistance and protection, human rights, migration management, refugee protection, etc.
  3. a) Improve disaster displacement data collection and report on it at the national level (national target/s and indicator/s) and to the Sendai Framework Monitor.
    b) Explore the development of national targets and indicators on new and existing disaster displacement in line with SDGs, for reporting nationally and to the Sendai Framework Monitor.
  4. Scale up the application of effective practices and learning to ensure that disaster displacement is addressed and risk is reduced in line with the Sendai Framework, such as by identifying areas that are safe for human settlement, formulating public policies on planned relocation, supporting transboundary and regional cooperation, promoting regular evacuation drills and cross-border simulation exercises, and implementing the Words into Action guidelines on disaster displacement.
  5. Allocate funding for these measures and ensure appropriate levels of human and financial resources, including at the local level.
  6. Designate a governmental focal point on disaster displacement to facilitate information sharing and, as relevant, coordination within and across ministries as well as with civil society and affected communities

This article first appeared in preventionweb