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Burkina Faso; Miss Ouedraogo Hadigueata enjoying every step of entrepreneurship

June 26, 2019

Miss OUEDRAOGO HADIGUEATA,  graduated in 2018 after attending  EMPE business and entrepreneurship classes.  Previously she was struggling doing odd jobs to fend for her family, which made her tired and inactive especially in the evening. Even as she continued with her odd jobs, she was actively praying for God to open her and and heart […]

Burkina Faso: Mr. Kobamba going up despite beginning with challenges

June 26, 2019

Initially, Mr. KOBAMBA Martin was spending a lot of money a lot of money on unnecessary things which made him cash strapped especially during the end months, with nothing to take home fro his family. A friend invited him to attend one of the many EMPE intensive seminar on entrepreneurship from 2nd to 6th January 2019. […]

Burkina Faso: From Losses to Profits and Growth, The Story Of Mrs Pauline Bambara – Ecole Pour Les Micro Projets d Enterprise (EMPE)

June 26, 2019

Mrs Bambara Pauline was trained by Ecole Pour Micro-projets d’ Enterprise (EMPE) on entrepreneurship and  she was continuously mentored till  early March this year. After the training she started to religiously record the sales she has been making in business to ensure she can keep track and know how her business is doing.  She sells […]

Burkina Faso: Poultry Farming Business provides a source of income to two families

June 26, 2019

Mrs  ROUAMBA K. Elisabeth attended EMPE vocational training on poultry farming goats, sheep and pigs breeding in 2018, she did not think that it would be made see the possibilities of opening a poetry farm. Having  grown up in the City, poultry farming business was the last business she could think of. Having attended the […]

Assessment of Kenya’s preparedness to disasters caused by natural hazards: floods, drought and disease outbreak

June 26, 2019

In March 2016, the UK’s Department for International Development commissioned Development Initiatives to conduct a political economy study on Kenya’s preparedness to disasters caused by natural hazards, namely floods, droughts and disease outbreaks – human and animal. With the effects of the 2015 El Niño phenomenon as a starting point the study aimed to understand […]

Story of Marcelin BONZI: From the bedroom to the chicken coop

June 24, 2019

BONZI Marcelin is a graduate student in law. Being informed that EMPE was doing entrepreneurship training, he came to EMPE (Navigators/Burkina Faso) to obtain a certificate of entrepreneurship training to apply for project funding.  EMPE’s accounting secretary points out that EMPE can issue training certificates only to those who have participated in training sessions within […]