Burkina Faso: From Losses to Profits and Growth, The Story Of Mrs Pauline Bambara – Ecole Pour Les Micro Projets d Enterprise (EMPE)

Mrs Bambara Pauline was trained by Ecole Pour Micro-projets d’ Enterprise (EMPE) on entrepreneurship and  she was continuously mentored till  early March this year. After the training she started to religiously record the sales she has been making in business to ensure she can keep track and know how her business is doing.  She sells  fabric, necklaces, shoes, bracelets,  jewels and pots. After keeping records for  sometime, she realized that her operations cost were way too high which were eating up her revenue.

She also realized that her operations cost were due to the  storage area where her wares were breaking every now and then. She immediately revised the situation and now she would be breaking even after 6 months in business.


Mrs Bambara, said : “Since the training with EMPE my business is going on well, as I have been able to cut looses and increase sales at the same time, including looking for space to expand my business to other areas”. Mrs pauline currently has 5 employees from 3. The  business is able to comfortably sustain her family. “I thank God for my business which is my source of joy and pride” She said immediately after the interview.