Burkina Faso: Mr. Kobamba going up despite beginning with challenges

Initially, Mr. KOBAMBA Martin was spending a lot of money a lot of money on unnecessary things which made him cash strapped especially during the end months, with nothing to take home fro his family. A friend invited him to attend one of the many EMPE intensive seminar on entrepreneurship from 2nd to 6th January 2019.

Kobamba at his business

Soon after the training he started a business on dry cleaning service. The business picked up quite fast due to the model in which he used to run the business; Payment was done at end month of all the clothes that have been cleaned. During one of the interviews with him, he declared: ” After the training I have got a deep passion to run my own business.  I have many business ideas to fulfill.  Kobamba is detrained to open another branch of his business including mechanizing the business for quick clothes turn over

From now only thing I can say is “I will no longer accept failure to be part of me, so help me God”.