Burkina Faso: Poultry Farming Business provides a source of income to two families

Mrs  ROUAMBA K. Elisabeth attended EMPE vocational training on poultry farming goats, sheep and pigs breeding in 2018, she did not think that it would be made see the possibilities of opening a poetry farm. Having  grown up in the City, poultry farming business was the last business she could think of. Having attended the training with her son Timothy Roamba, who had just cleared high school. After the training his son, kept pestering her for to buy chicks o start rearing them. On January 2019, she  started  poultry farming with about 2000 chicks of breed. She went through the pains of death and disease associate with poultry farming but still she continued with the business with the help of her son. Eight months down the line after selling and losing in equal measure she bought more chicks and now she is breeding more than 2200 chicks.
Mrs Rouamba Son, Timothy
She regularly receives big orders of chicken eggs which is a rare commodity in the City. “The business is rowing and I have employed one man who works full time, never in my life would I thought of myself as an employer, thank God and EMPE for bringing this light which I would never let it dim” Mrs Rouamba said, when we interviewed her at her poultry farm
Poultry farming chicken houses