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“Encounter With Missional Enterprises Partnerships-Cameroon gave me Entrepreneurial Mindset” Nelson

July 24, 2019

Nchemty Nelson is a 25-year-old master’s degree student in Epidemiology and Control of infectious diseases. As a student, he had challenges making provision for some of his basic needs like food, clothing and rent. He had to depend on his parents who are barely surviving. To fight this, Nelson had desired to be employed after […]

How social networks can save lives when disasters strike

July 22, 2019

Soon after my family moved to New Orleans in the summer of 2005, we heard Mayor Ray Nagin’s first warnings about Hurricane Katrina. With two young children, a job I hadn’t started yet, and little in the way of savings, my wife and I couldn’t wrap our heads around leaving our freshly furnished home to […]

Cameroon: From A Hopeless Widow to a Promising Entrepreneur – Missional Enterprise Partnership (MEP)

July 17, 2019

Loka Agnesis is  a 42 year- old widow with four children. She has always wanted to be a welder and so she enrolled in a training school, which she could not complete due to lack of fees. With the little skill acquired, she started serving as a local welder with Cameroon Development Cooperation (CDC) before […]

Kenya: A gap delightfully filled – I Choose Life (ICL) Africa

July 17, 2019

Meet Julius Almasa, a 20 year old student at Kipkabus Technical Institute undertaking a diploma course in carpentry. Julius is a resident of Wounifor village, Ainabkoi/Olare ward in Ainabkoi Sub-County. Coming from a humble background, his parents couldn’t raise enough money to sustain his siblings, especially after his father lost his job. Being the first […]

Kenya: Jiinue savings group changed my life, a story from I Choose Life (ICL) Africa project beneficiary Timothy Cheplong

July 17, 2019

Timothy Cheplong is a 26 year old resident of Tendwo village, Ainabkoi/Olare ward in Ainabkoi sub-County. He is a graduate from Moi University with a degree in community development. With a university degree, Timothy thought that he had made it in life, little did he know how wrong he was. His search for a white […]

Kenya: Future turns green on Titus, a project beneficiary from I Choose Life (ICL) Africa

July 17, 2019

Titus Cheplong is a 27 year old resident of Tendwo village, Ainabkoi Sub County in Uasin Gishu County. Farming is his main source of economic activity. When Titus got married, he decided to start a small scale maize and vegetable farming. He did this for a while, but realized he wasn’t getting good returns. “I […]

Changing Lives across the African Continent using the Development and Entrepreneurship (DevEnt) Model; An Editorial by Jonathan Hussaini, CEO, Full-Life Empowerment Program (FLEP), Nigeria

July 16, 2019

According to the United Nations “more than half of global population growth between now and 2050 is expected to occur in Africa.” Our vision is to see an Africa where families live lives in dignity. Living fruitful lives and out of poverty. Our drive then is to ensure we improve their living standards of these people by enabling them […]

Uganda: Achieving dignity through Discipleship & Development:  Centre for Evangelism (CFE)

July 16, 2019

Centre for Evangelism (CFE) has been in the area of entrepreneurship training and community development for the last 5  years. The following projects were implemented between 2012-2018. 2012-2015: Increased livelihoods and wealth creation through entrepreneurship training in the Busoga Region project. 2016 -2018: Increased livelihoods and wealth creation through entrepreneurship training in the Busoga Region, […]

Congo Brazzaville: My business lead to my spiritual growth

July 16, 2019

Ivan Arnaldo Mayaka dream was born after attending an entrepreneurship training organized by Centre de Formation a Initiative Privee (CFIP). Ivan being a participant in that training opened up  both his eyes to he  spiritual and entrepreneurial possibilities that were abound on his surroundings. He scanned his environment and an idea of starting a marketing/events […]

Congo: Juce Taking One Step At A Time In His Entrepreneurship Journey with Centre de Formation à l’Initiative Privée (CFIP)

July 16, 2019

After Juce and his partner set up a business, they thought it will be a noble thing to get some skills and mentorship entrepreneurship training.  Thanks to sister Sikou Nathalie, they learnt about Centre di Formation a Initiative privee (CFIP) which is a private training center, that is involved in training people in skills such us […]